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Our modular hardware enables you to seamlessly attach/build add-ons of your choice and empower your ideas.

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KFO - A drone for everybody's taste

A unique combination of Technology and Marketing minds coming from Pluto and BlinkDigital respectively give birth to this amazing product KFO which served with KFC meal.

Maria Stewart
Chief Technical Officer

Eyantra - Autonomous Pluto

To foster innovation in young minds, IIT Bombay organised EYANTRA competition. Pluto was customised to fly autonomously using RTOS and webcam based localisation system.

Maria Stewart
Chief Technical Officer

Nano to Micro Pluto

Students from VIT Mumbai designed and developed an add-on for Primus-X( beta version ) capable of running brushless motors. Thus convert the standard nano Pluto to a Micro drone.

Maria Stewart
Chief Technical Officer

Pluto Rover

With the flexibility of programming using Cygnus IDE and SDK, it becomes so easy to program each motor and convert your flying Pluto to a ground rover with four wheel drive.

Maria Stewart
Chief Technical Officer

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