Fun Flying At IIT Bombay Tech Fest, 2016

The IIT Bombay Tech Fest, 2016 was a fun place to be. There were loads of events and exhibits and students from all across Mumbai attended it for a great time. We, at Drona Aviation had our own stall at the Tech Fest and catered to over 200 participants. We were giving people a go at flying Pluto and along with it, the chance to enter a lucky draw in which they could win their very own Pluto Kit.
The participants enjoyed the experience and loved flying Pluto! They were all very excited about flying a drone. Some of them, who flew really well also got a nifty little “Rookie Pilot” badge as appreciation of their drone-flying skills! We also got some valuable inputs on how we can improve Pluto from some of the more experienced Drone Pilots who participated. At the end of the day, it was a really great experience for drone enthusiasts and rookies alike. We, at Drona Aviation enjoyed providing such a fun experience to so many people.
The Pluto will continue to evolve and bring more smiles to peoples’ faces as we will be back with an even more fun experience at next year’s tech fest! Till then, stay tuned for more from us!

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