All of us need a stepping stone to start learning something we’re interested in learning. There’s a reason we can’t just start driving cars as kids. There’s a reason we can’t go swimming into the ocean right off the bat. There’s a reason we can’t start boxing by randomly picking a fight with some kid from school. All of us have somewhere to start. A professional cyclist started off on a tricycle as a kid, moved on to a bicycle with training wheels, eventually got off the support of those training wheels and persevered to get good enough to ride a bicycle over long distances at faster-than-average speeds for long durations of time. A professional swimmer started off in a local shallow swimming pool with floats. It takes years of practice to develop mastery to get good with a lot of stuff.


At this point, you might be wondering what this article has to do with drones. Well, if you haven’t noticed, the topic of this article is not just a reference to the popular Foo Fighters song. Through all these analogies, we’re trying to tell you that it’s not very easy to fly drones. At least, not the expensive drones with cameras. You’re BOUND to crash your drone when you fly it for the first time and all it takes is one crash for you to incur huge financial losses over one of these fancy drones. Maybe, just maybe though, you can find a solution to this dilemma. If you’re new to drones and don’t want to risk going through the expenses of accidentally crashing a camera drone while taking a selfie or something, you should learn to fly drones. Pluto is among the perfect drones for that. You can build it on your own and start experimenting with flight. It’s a durable little nanodrone that can survive multiple crashes and in case you need spares, they’re just a phone call away.


Ouch. That must’ve been expensive!

Just like you can use training wheels to learn cycling, rubber floats to learn cycling, and punching bags to learn boxing, you can use Pluto to learn to fly drones. Use it as a stepping stone towards your first camera drone. That way, it’ll not only improve your flying skills, you’ll be able to control your advanced drone in many more complicated ways and take even more interesting pictures with its camera, because of all your experiments and practice with Pluto. All those times you crash Pluto will help you learn how to take care of your drone better. It’ll also be a lot more friendly on your wallet than crashing your Rs 50k Camera Drone.


So what are you waiting for?! If you are interested in checking out drones and eventually trying aerial photography, get started with Pluto! Order one on Amazon and get going!

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