The #PlutoSpeedBuildChallenge is here!

After weeks of preparation and hype, it’s finally here! We’ve been working on making Pluto a more fun experience for you guys and it all starts with the #PlutoSpeedBuildChallenge! An event we have been teasing on our social media pages for a week now. Through this event, we intend to engage those people who bought Pluto or participated in our workshops in the past with a fun little competition. The #PlutoSpeedBuild challenge is a fun way to test your hand-eye coordination and concentration!

Pluto_BB8 (1)

Those who bought Pluto get to figure out how well they are accustomed to it and those who attended our workshops get to figure out how much they learnt from it and put it to the test. Winner takes away a brand new Pluto Kit! There are also complementary take-away gifts for all participants and it is free of cost to register!

To add to the fun factor, we have decided to organize this event tomorrow, the 4th of May which also happens to be Star Wars Day! You may have noticed our latest Social Media posts have a lot of Star Wars in them! The entire event will be Star Wars themed and we’ve even arranged for some fun, immersive Star Wars props, most of which we have made ourselves! If you are free and haven’t participated, do make sure to come along and spectate the event and join in on the fun!

Also keep a lookout for future events like these as we plan to indulge all of you with an enjoyable Pluto Experience!



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