Week in Review: #PlutoSpeedBuildChallenge and More

It’s been a fun week as we at Drona Aviation tried something different on the occasion of Star Wars Day on the 4th of May. Our primary idea was to reach out to our customer base and let them know that we care about them and want to indulge them with activities and events that are relevant to what goes on in the world. We organised the #PlutoSpeedBuildChallenge, with the initial idea of making it a social media campaign but eventually deciding it would be best to keep it on Star Wars Day and get some people to participate in the activity.

What followed was a series of social media posts where we tried to connect Pluto to the Star Wars series in the forms of memes, images and GIFs. It was truly unique and we loved the reception on we got for these kinds of posts on our social media pages. We didn’t quite get the participation we expected but the social media response felt nice, and this event happens to be but, a start to a very unique journey for Drona Aviation. We intend to conduct more events like this with improvisation and implementation from everything we learnt about our customers from the #SpeedBuildChallenge so it can only get better. What was important was that we break the ice with some creative experimentation online.

The message we’re trying to get across with this blog post is that we at Drona Aviation truly care what you think about Pluto and what kind of an experience we provide for our customers. So keep looking forward to our future events and be sure to participate if they are feasible for you! There’s a whole new immersive Pluto experience waiting for you in the near future and it’s going to be a fun ride full of learning and entertainment!


Check out this spectacular work of our brand new 3D Printer!

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