Happy Father’s Day From Drona Aviation!

Father’s Day! How many of you are excited about the great day you will be spending in your dad’s company? Oh, you had a Facebook Post in mind, is it? Well, that’s alright. But don’t you think Fathers deserve something more than just a selfie and a long facebook post? We’ve observed this trend lately, where Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is just another day with the exception that we make a long Facebook post about it. Don’t our parents deserve something more? Remember that sparkle in your dad’s eye when you used to play Cricket with him? Or that warm, protective smile whenever he gave you money for your favorite lipstick?

There used to be a time when kids used to love playing with their fathers. Go for outdoor activities or something. There was nothing that could be compared to a father’s smile when his son hit a cricket ball bowled by him for a six. The sheer pride and joy was unmatched. Today, we’ve relegated our fathers to a simple Facebook post or a Whatsapp Message.

Father’s Day is a day we celebrate the parent that protects, provides for and guides us along our path to success. Fathers are, in equal part responsible for our life, as we celebrate it today and they deserve some recognition for it, at the very least on Father’s Day. Let’s go back in time and remember how we ACTUALLY spent some time with our dads on Father’s day as kids, who used to go out and play cricket or badminton and not as kids who are glued to our smartphones. Let’s treat him like the SuperDad he is!

So we at Drona Aviation have got the perfect idea for that. Remember how kids used to fly kites with their dads? Well in this day and age, your kite just got an upgrade. Now it can be controlled with a smartphone, has motors powered by propellers and a brain of its own! We call it Pluto! We at Drona Aviation have got a very special event planned for you and your dad. A day during which you will create some really fond memories with him.

A special workshop in which we have planned some unique, fun-filled activities just for you and your dad and you take home a Drone. You pay only for the drone but the workshop for the two of you is free. We usually charge per head for a workshop but in this case, you’re getting a workshop worth Rs. 3,400 for two people for free, JUST on the occasion of Father’s Day. We truly care how you spend your time with your dad tomorrow. So we assure you that it will be a fun-filled event. What are you waiting for, then? Head over to our office at CM-10, SINE, CSRE inside the IIT Bombay Campus tomorrow morning and prepare yourself for a special bonding session with your drone dad!

Hope to see you there and Happy Father’s Day!!



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