The Emergence of Drone Racing

Ever since drones have found their way into the consumer market, the world has come up with several different uses for them. Be it for recreation, utility or security, drones have come a long way from their inception and their illustrious career on the battlefield.


Drone Racing is Identified as a Form of Motorsport and is aired on Sports Channels

As a matter of fact, they’ve come so far that Drone Racing is now recognized as an acknowledged Motorsport. With all the PRL promotions you’ve been checking out across our social media, it would be nice to read a little bit about how cool Drone Racing is nowadays!
Drone Racing first emerged as an amateur sport in around 2014 in Australia. It started off as a minor attraction at local events but over the last two years as drones emerged as a technology of the future, revolutionizing the way the industry operates, Drone Racing also began to rise from being recognized as a recreational hobby to a major sport.

It started out as an amateur sport in Australia

Today, there are many prestigious Drone Racing leagues all around the world with huge prize pools and an enthusiastic fan following. Being a Drone racer is even identified as a career profile in some cases and professional Drone racers are taking the scene by storm. There are also different kinds of Drone Racing events held by different organizations around the world. For example, America’s Freedom Class Drone Racing is one of the first instances of Giant Drone Racing where huge drones compete to win a grand prize. Similarly, there is also X-Class Drone Racing. But the most identifiable Drone Racing Event is Drone Racing League stylized as DRL. It is considered the main event among Drone Racing enthusiasts where the best Drone Racers participate and the winners take home huge amounts of prize money. There are also a number of Sports Media Channels that air it on Television and it is identified as a form of Motorsport.

DRL or Drone Racing League is one of the biggest Drone Racing Competitions in the World

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