Pluto at Comic Con: A Weekend to remember

Every year, one specific weekend is considered the best weekend of the year by every nerd and geek in India. That weekend is Comic Con Weekend. This year, it was the same for the folks at Drona Aviation as well. Drona Aviation had a stall at Mumbai Comic Con 2017, on the 11th and 12th of November and believe me when I tell you it was awesome! Months of planning and preparation ensued as the hype and excitement was building up about Pluto’s presence at India’s biggest Pop Culture event!

Several arrangements were made. The team sat together and came up with ideas for Pluto Drone themed badges and quotes. Superhero themed canopies were made and Pluto’s flight stability was improved all so that the experience for Stall Visitors at Comic Con would be nothing short of enticing! Special Discounts were planned and the 3D Printers in office were busy with Batman and Captain America canopies!


Finally, the day of reckoning had come. Team Drona was invited on Friday, the 10th of November 2017 to collect our Exhibitor tags as well as to set up our stall. We had several flexes, banners and posters printed and all of them were set up on Friday Evening.


On Saturday, it had finally begun! Pluto was at Comic Con. We had our brand new canopies on display including the Batman and Captain America canopies. It was really exciting to see everyone at Comic Con visit our stall with excitement and curiosity as they acknowledged the first time a stall specifically for Drones was set up at the event! Pluto had made an immediate impression on them and it was lasting. The DIY Design and the modularity was an absolute hit with the people along with the “coolness” of the Batman drone whenever it flew around, creating a batwing shadow on the floor of Comic Con. We even saw Batman cosplayers come and give the Batman Pluto their seal of approval!


Pluto was being sold at a special Rs. 5,499 price tag at Comic Con and over the two days, we experienced a lot of people buy their first Pluto! People even liked the badges and were buying them often. We also saw a lot of registrations for Pluto Workshops. Not only did regular Comic Con visitors come and inquire about Pluto but also volunteers and fellow stall owners and it was really exciting to see everyone so interested in India’s very own Nano-Drone.


Team Drona had a lot of fun at Comic Con!

Team Drona also had a ball of a time at Comic Con. All the different kinds of people, the colourful and unique Cosplays and the entire pop-culture themed atmosphere was an exciting one to be in. Our CEO, Apurva Godbole tried his hand at the Radio Mirchi stall’s event, flying Pluto while on a rotating platform. The free Mountain Dews and Doritos Nachos packets really kept our energy going and we often took walks around the Con, appreciating the merchandise on display.


At the end of the day, it was a very memorable experience for Team Drona and Pluto was a huge hit among Comic Con visitors! It was really nice to see that everyone appreciated Pluto as a product and what it is striving to achieve!

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