Pluto’s Travelogue: Maker Fair, Bengaluru

Team Drona has had an exciting month of October so far, starting with Amalthea at IIT Gandhinagar followed by Mumbai Comic Con 2017 and our latest Pluto adventure at Maker Fair 2017, which took place in Bengaluru.

Maker Faire is an independent event created by Make: an International Organization dedicated to inventors and inventions. It features makers around the world who showcase and demonstrate their projects and inventions at one single place. A large number of DIY, Engineering and Electronics enthusiasts attend Maker Fair and get an opportunity to witness innovative and ingenious exhibits showcased by different inventors around the country.


We were invited as one of the sponsors of the event and we had an exclusive demonstration of Pluto’s very own Cygnus IDE as well as Flight Demonstrations. Over the two days of the event, we saw hundreds of DIY and Drone enthusiasts come over to our Stall to witness Pluto in action and the best part was that every single one of them loved it and encouraged us to keep building on our work!


There were also a number of School Children who visited the Fair and all of them were intrigued about Pluto! They were also very excited about the prospect of creating a Science Project out of it and were curious about our Pluto Workshops.

It was an interesting and enjoyable event for us at Drona and Bengaluru was also a fun place to hang out as well! Hope this was an interesting read and stay tuned for more stories from Pluto’s journeys!

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