Drona Aviation: Things to Come

Well now it’s been a while since you’ve read a blog by us, hasn’t it? We’ve been busy these past few months and we’ve had an exciting start this year as well. Let’s go over them quickly, shall we?


2018: The year of opportunity

We have had a number of exciting projects we undertook in the beginning of 2018. Here we are, into March already having reached out to a lot of exciting people and events . We’re quickly reaching a point where people already know about us and Pluto before we even speak to them. A few highlights of 2018 so far are:



  • Dronathon 2018: India’s first Drone Hackathon was conducted by us at the beginning of January 2018 at Makerfest 2018. It was one of the standout events at the Makerfest, which took place at Ahmedabad University.


    • 12 teams were trained about Pluto and the platform it provides for modularity. They were then given individual problem statements and a time limit to come up with solutions and innovations.
    • Two winning teams were given prizes and recognition at the conclusion of Makerfest.
    • The Dronathon was also one of the main attractions of Makerfest 2018



  • KFO: Blink Digital, the Branding Company that handles KFC India’s marketing campaign had an idea. The idea was to create a campaign as part of which some of their lucky customers would win a KFC themed drone. Their problem was, they did not know where they could find someone to make such a drone for them. Until they found out about us, that is.

    The next thing we know, they were at our office explaining their idea and we were designing a KFC themed drone for them. After months of brainstorming and iterations, we finally had the perfect KFC Drone. We decided to call it the KFO! Cool name, isn’t it?


    • 24 lucky customers who order the Smoky Grilled Wings from Select Outlets of KFC on the 25th or 26th of January would get a special set of Wings along with their Chicken Wings! A DIY KFO kit.
    • The news went viral and several tech and food influencers on Social Media also covered the product. In fact, it was so popular that it even reached some foreign influencers.


Now that it’s pretty clear that we’ve been reaching new highs in 2018, let’s talk about how there’s a lot more to come from us and we’re all excited to indulge your interests in Pluto and drones, because it’s pretty obvious that when we’re riding a wave, we won’t be getting off it any time soon!

All New App

Yes, you read that right. The Pluto Controller App will be undergoing a complete revamp and we can assure you that you’ll be getting a treat! Pluto Controller 2.0 has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a companion app tailormade for top end drone brands and is also assured to enhance your Pluto flying experience! Keep a look out for the new app on the store!



Pluto X!

Yes, there’s more where Pluto came from. We’re working on an all new drone platform and it is going to be cooler and better than Pluto in every aspect. Before you ask, yes it will be supporting a camera this time so all you shutterbugs out there can rejoice! Other than that you can expect a lot more cool stuff from our new product. Just be prepared to wait a while!

PRL Season 2

Yes, how could we forget our favorite drone racing event? PRL was a huge success and it was fun to see so many people race Pluto! Expect PRL to be back this year with a bang! It will be bigger and better than last year and there’s a lot more in it for you racers as well! So look forward to it, boys because Pluto racing is going to get a lot more fun!


Offline Stores

This isn’t an exaggeration. You may be able to find Pluto on retail at your nearest store soon! We are in talks with a number of offline stores and you will find a number of Pluto versions available in these stores including the Batman and Captain America versions!

Events and Collaborations

We’re planning on increasing our outreach in every direction and ensuring that everyone knows about Pluto and loves it! So expect us to be at a lot more events and getting into collaborations this year! As of now, we are planning to get Pluto standardized across all the ATLs established in schools across India!

We’re excited and we know you are as well!

So there’s a lot to look forward to, for us as well as for all you Pluto fans out there! We’re really excited. We’re sure you are as well! Drona Aviation is evolving and so is Pluto! Nano-Drones have never been better and there’s only one way from here; Onwards! Signing off for now.

Team Drona



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