The Pluto Rover: Hit the Road, Rookie!

Pluto X is all about bringing your ideas to life and Drona member and tinkerer Siddharth Chakraborty has done exactly that with his Pluto X by taking to the road with it.

Ecstatic about building his very own version of Pluto, he says, “I created a platform for the Pluto Flight Controller to maneuver a ground driven bot. I realised that the same technology applied to a rover concept could give a much more extended time of operation and extreme ease of  maneuverability since there is no hight factor to keep in consideration.”

Just like our drone, the rover can be controlled using the Pluto Controller app on your smartphone. What’s more, it has been designed to be a simplistic and modular platform for you to modify it with respect to your customized applications.


Pluto X is a playground for tinkerers like Siddharth.

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