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    Video showing object tracking with PlutoX

    We have tried object tracking with PlutoX using the camera attached on it. The camera sends H264 frame to app then app does image processing with OpenCV module and try to keep PlutoX in the centre of the frame.

    Camera Specs:
    frame rate: 50ms/frame
    resolution: 720p
    frame format: H264

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    Hi there.

    I have a few Doubts…I am familiar with aerial robotics…MAVROS (MAVLink node for ROS) and the PX4 Flight Stack.

    coming to the video..

    i) How was the communication achieved between the FCU and the Smartphone APP? As in methods to access the the flight data from the FCU on the Phone and not the Cygnus IDE.
    ii) How was the CV part implemented on the Phone?

    Reply will be Awesome…because I did not find anything about this in the whole damn internet.

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