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    Indonesia has a factory to develop the first drone aircraft technology in Southeast Asia. The factory, which is located on Sentul 23 Highway, Kadumangu, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java, is under the auspices of PT Farmindo Inovasi Teknologi. The owner of the company is a domestic businessman named Julius Agus Salim. As quoted from the official TNI press release on Friday (4/20/2018), Julius argued, the establishment of the first drone factory was based on drone products in Indonesia which were dominated by foreign products.

    Moreover, the development of drone technology in Indonesia is still something rare. There is no technology support and education for the use of drones. This is what causes domestic drone consumers who are increasingly increasing, inevitably using foreign technology. In fact, according to Julius, Indonesia with human resources and availability of raw materials, can develop its own drone technology, even produce it in large quantities. He added, the factory he founded was environmentally friendly because it was supported by accredited standard technology, both at national and international levels.

    The drone assembly process has been tested precisely to produce products that are not inferior to those of foreign companies. “The process of making each product through three dynamic stages, namely design, assembly and testing, all of which prioritize the details and perfection of each series on the UAV system,” said Julius. Head of the National Marsdya Search and Relief Agency TNI Muhammad Syaugi welcomed the establishment of drone factories and drone pilot schools.

    Unmanned aircraft technology is expected to meet domestic needs, one of which is disaster management.

    Julius’s company is actually not a new player in the world of technology development. Previously, Julius had cooperated with TNI Headquarters, National Police, National SAR Agency and BIN. His company has also established a school of drones to meet the needs of prospective drone pilots in Indonesia, both for the national security and defense sector, and for civilian needs. Stream NFL The PT FIT drone school has three trainings, namely the Basic Class, which includes material on how to control drones and aspects of their safety to become a good drone pilot. Second, Captain Class, covers all safety materials using drones, manual drone control and introduction of ground control systems to control drones. Third, Class Instructure. This class is to meet the training needs of drone pilots who want to become trainers.

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