Pluto comes with a built-in Micro-USB port which is used for charging.
  • Connect battery connector.
  • Turn off Power of Pluto.
  • Attach Micro USB charger to the port on Primus V3R.
  • Turn Power On of the charger.
  • Red LED will glow on Primus V3R while charging.
  • Red LED will goes off when it is fully charged.
It will take around 50 mins to fully charge the Pluto battery.
The battery indicator shows the voltage as 4.2 when the drone is idle and battery is not under load. Once you start flying the drone, this figure will drop sharply as the battery is under load so no, this does not indicate any fault with the Battery.
Tips to update Pluto firmware
  1. Download firmware on your smartphone
  2. Connect Pluto to your Pluto Controller app
  3. Go to Update Firmware
  4. Tap Choose Firmware File and Select the .hex file
  5. Press Flash
  6. Pluto and Pluto controller will restart when it’s done
Due to centre of gravity or weather issues, the drone may drift off course in either axis.
In order to balance the drone out,a trim value is set.
Hence if your drone drifts forward or rolls to the right , a trim is applied to the pitch or roll with a negative value and vice versa.
There are two sets of propellers. “A” marked propellers rotate clockwise whereas “B” marked propellers rotate counter-clockwise.
Use below image for reference
There might be problem of motor wires shorting. Please check the motor wires.
This is because of wrong placement of propellers.
There are two sets of propellers. “A” marked propellers rotate clockwise whereas “B” marked propellers rotate counter-clockwise.
Use below image for reference.
Pluto can carry a maximum weight of 10g.
No, you do not require internet to fly Pluto.
Pluto has a standard flight time of 7 minutes.
80 meters
Pluto works on wifi communication.
Yes, you can use third party Joysticks with Pluto. It has support for OTG as well as Bluetooth Controllers/Joysticsk.
Follow the steps to fly with your own joystick
  • Connect your Gamepad to the Smartphone.
  • Open Pluto Controller App and Go tap MENU.
  • Go in Control Setting
  • You can see Gamepad icon. Green Dot indicates your Smartphone is connected to Gamepad while Red Dot not.
  • Check if controls are mapped correctly, if not, Tap Gamepad icon and edit mapping according to your comfort.
Note: Your smartphone should be compatible to Gamepad Controller.
Yes, shipping cost will be separate than the original cost.
That depends on your location. We will disptach on the same day or very next working day of your order.
Payment gateways available is Instamojo. Instamojo collect payment through credit cards, debit cards and netbanking.
You need to contact Pluto customer support at
You will receive tracking details through mail from
No, it is not necessary. You can checkout with guest account.
You need to contact Pluto customer support at

Cygnus Installation Requirements

Computer Architecture:

- Only 64 bit support


- Java 8 and above
  1. Linux: Linux distribution’s mostly comes with OpenJDK which is not recommended for Cygnus, only Oracle Java version 8 and above is recommended, follow the link to install Oracle Java 8.
  2. Windows and macOS: If you don’t have Java 8 installed or previous Java version installed, download JDK 8 from here.

After you have written your code, select the project folder in Project Explorer and then click on blue colour Build icon in toolbar for building the project.

After successful build, connect your PC to Pluto Wi-Fi, once connected select the project folder and then click on yellow colour Flash icon, it will start burning code on Pluto.

Connecting Pluto To IDE: After you have connected your Pluto to PC, click on green colour Chain icon on toolbar to establish Pluto and IDE connection(Chain will turn into red colour if connected) so you can see respective print log and graphs on Pluto Monitor and Pluto Graphs respectively if you have used any. Click the red coloured Chain icon to disconnect.

Running user code: Once you have flashed your code on Pluto to enable it connect to Pluto's Android App and press Volume Up key and Volume Down to disable.

Hardware: 64 bit computer, 2GB RAM, 128 GB storage, minimum Intel i3 level processor
Software: Java 8
OS : Windows, Linux , macOS
It means there is no .hex firmware file in your project generated, which is because of you haven’t build project. Make sure you build the project before flashing.
Make sure you have connect your computer to Pluto WiFi before flashing, if problem persist restart the Pluto and try again.