PlutoX - Starter Kit

Make 5 drones projects!

PlutoX nano drone
X Basic to further add sensors
Smartphone App
Cygnus IDE
Tool, propellers set and 2 motors
Additional sensors/ hardware
- Camera
- Laser sensor
- Actuators

We want to expand possibilities in aviation robotics by helping enthusiasts, tinkerers, creators and makers turn their IDEAS into PROTOTYPES.

See what tinkerers have made with plutoX

Simple hardware
integration with
PrimusX Board

16 GPIOs
2 DAC Channels
10 DOF Sensor Suit
4 Mosfet Drivers
20 Pin Header
4 H Bridge Drivers
11 Timer Channels

Easy programming through API based SDK

Cygnus IDE is the center of PlutoX's development experience allowing you to create real world application.
It is the easiest way to transform your idea into codes and flash it on to PlutoX.
App SDK provides control over the drone's flight pattern and hardware modules.

Object Tracking using image processing

Drone what you can


Vicon Integration

Basic X

FPV Racer

Siddharth Chakraborty

I created a platform for the PlutoX Flight Controller to maneuver a ground driven bot. I realised that the same technology applied to a rover concept could give a much more extended time of operation and extreme ease of maneuverability since there is no hight factor to keep in consideration.

Dhruv Kubsad

At just 14, Dhruv Kubsad made the MethaneX to ensure incidents like the Deonar dumping ground fires can be avoided by detection of inflammable gases. All this on the PlutoX aerial robotics kit. That's truly being #opentoexperiment.

Dennis Baldwin

I'm looking at PlutoX from Drona Aviation for potential integration into DroneBlocks. It looks to be a highly capable micro drone with modular add-ons.

Where do we stand?

Tech SpecsPlutoXCrazyFlie
Flight Time15 mins7mins
Charge Cycles600150
SDKAPI Based interfaceStandard developer Interface
CommunicationWiFi (60m)Proprietary (1km)
FrameOpen Source and ModifiableStandard Frame
App SDKAvailableNot available


If innovating with a drone excites you, share with us what you'd create with PlutoX and we will ship out one testing unit to the selected ideas.